H. H. l i n
H. H. l i n




'17-'19  Design Academy Eindhoven (MDes-Contextual Design)
'11-'15  Shih Chien University (BA-department of industrial design)
'13-'14  Köln International Scool of Design (exchange program-integrated design)
'09-'11  Taipei First Girls' High School


Self-Employed Graphic Designer
JSC design studio (interior designer)
nbt. Studio (project-based UI designer)
Cepave (UX/UI designer)
Shih Chien University (teacher assistant)
Widesign (summer intern)
Kris Yao Artech (summer intern)



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I might be introverted, but I never shy away from carving my own path.


The concept behind my work evolves from my outlook on the casual conflicts of everyday life events and current social issues. The aspiration of my design work is to further the quality of living and aesthetic standards of the community.

Before I embarked in industrial design, I deemed myself as a passionate artist. My main interests and hobbies were arts, illustrations and photography. I have taken painterly approach to design, and tried to ensure all the small details in my work blend cohesively together.

Through my academic studies I’ve learned the importance of communication with target user. I believe the designer must understand who the target audiences are, and how to touch their hearts. Each project is unique and different. I tried to respond directly to every conceivable factor. And the integration of a concrete concept with the perfection of each detail creates great design.

I enjoy the process of design and the sense of accomplishment after completing satisfactory works. My inspirations come from continuous intuitive absorption of emotion, information and inspiration in life. I am, therefore, constantly on the lookout for new ideas, new strategies and more efficient ways of accomplishing creative and meaningful works.